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Niagara fishing charters and spring fishing on Lake Ontario

salmon fishing Lake Ontario

Some of Ontario's best spring salmon and trout fishing is done in the Niagara region on Lake Ontario. Salmon Fishing Charters will be offering fishing charters in Niagara starting in the middle of April. Our salmon fishing charter boat will be docked in Port Delhousie Marina (St Catherines) on Lake Ontario. If you require any information on a Niagara fishing charter please feel free to give us a call at 1-647-654-1414 or email us at

Salmon Fishing Charters Niagara Spring Special

Salmon fishing charters would like you to come jump aboard our new Niagara fishing charter boat for the 2011 season.Our new fishing charter boat is a 29 ft Luhrs Open,one of the biggest fishing boats in its class,very spacious and very comfortable.So to start the 2011 season off with a bang,we thought we would offer a major Niagara spring special.$550.00 for 5 people for a 6 hour Niagara fishing charter,and to top that off,you will recieve a free BBQ on every Niagara fishing charter on Lake Ontario with Salmon Fishing Charters.So please don't miss out on some of the best fishing on Lake Ontario. So talk to your friends,family,co workers,employees or customers about booking your spring fishing charter in Niagara on Lake Ontario.You just might catch your memory of a life time with Salmon Fishing Charters.All Niagara fishing charters must be booked in advance and deposits are required. Please give us a call at 1-647-654-1414 or email us at

Captains Note: Salmon fishing charters,Niagara fishing charters on Lake Ontario for Salmon and Trout.Some of the best spring fishing in Ontario is done in the Niagara region on Lake Ontario.Now as the waters usually warms up first in the Niagara region,this will attract huge schools of various types of baitfish.Now we all knows what follows schools of baitfish,huge schools of big feeding fish. The best thing about a Niagara fishing charter is that 3 types of Salmon ( Chinook,Coho and Atlantic) and 3 types of Trout ( Rainbow,Brown and Atlantic will be feeding in the Niagara region in Lake Ontario and will be available for you to catch on your fishing charter with Salmon fishing charters.

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    Book your Toronto fishing charter now and catch a memory of a lifetime. Please call 1-647-654-1414 or email to book a charter.


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